External Graphics Card

Welcome to External Graphics Card!

A place for guides, tutorials, benchmarks, recommendations and videos to help make your purchase a breeze. Transform your laptop to a full fledged desktop PC! 

Why use an eGPU?

External graphics come with many benefits. Many laptops are loaded with weak integrated GPUs (and sometimes weak dedicated GPUs) that simply cannot keep up with the modern workload or gaming. Here’s a full list of benefits.

  • Play games at max settings on your laptop
  • Render videos and 3D products at over 5x faster than integrated graphics
  • Typically cheaper than building an entire PC
  • Just as portable as a console

How much does all this cost?

A case for your graphics card will typically run for around $300. While expensive, this chassis is what will allow your GPU to interface with Thunderbolt 2 and 3. 

You’ll also need a graphics card for your setup. You can get a cheap GTX 1050 for about $150 and get the top performing GTX 1080 for around $600.